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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
  Separation of Church and State is American
Piggybacking on the universal demand of finding “the Truth Behind Hariri’s Death” does not size the opposition correctly. Yes there is a desire for Syria’s pullout from Lebanon by many Lebanese including the loyalists, but not through the means used by the opposition.

If true American values dictate the separation of church and state, then Israel’s founding principle is unconstitutional. Imagine if Texas declared itself a Baptist state and cleansed its territory from non-Baptists as much as it could. Restricted the sale of Texas land to Baptists only by its Baptist Land Fund agency. Gave the right of return to all Baptists around the world immediate citizenship upon arrival in order to demographically tip the scale for Baptists. Would the US Supreme Court find such acts and laws unconstitutional? You betya.

Israel needs to turn into a pluralistic society if it is to survive in the long run. She needs to allow Palestinian refugees back as full citizens where Jews, and non-Jews live equally under the law. Demographic majority will not guarantee its security or survival. Only justice and equality under the law will. Dreamer you may say, but hey, look around. The US and the European Union are prime examples of where pluralism wins over purism and where the separation of church and state reaps huge benefits to their societies. Lets keep God in houses of worship.

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