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Monday, March 14, 2005
  The Problem that Won't Go Away
The Israeli Palestinian problem is the mother of all problems for the US in the Middle East. It threatens to spell over other parts of the region and it tends to drive US foreign policy in dealing with other nations in that part of the world. Anyone who has been paying attention to the news can make the connection between US policies on Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Lebanon and Israeli security interests. The passionate attachment of the US to Israel is not only harmful to its long-term interest in the region, but is also fundamentally un-American in principle. How so? I’ll come to that.

Israel has always blamed Palestinian terrorism for its harsh treatment and dispossession of the Palestinians. But what if the Palestinians, for the sake of argument, were pacifists. Would Israel have left them in peace? Would Israel have left them living in their homes and farms? The answer is NO. Why? That's because Israel was founded on the philosophy of Zionism. The concept in a nutshell is to create a Jewish state where it can be a refuge for Jews. One can sympathize with this idea considering the persecution that many Jews went through on the hands of the Europeans and Russians. The problem with Zionism is that it is un-American because it promotes the establishment of a state based on religion, thus violating the American value of separation of church and state written in the first amendment of the US constitution.

So it did not matter whether the Palestinians resisted the occupation of their land or not, Zionism dictated a demographically Jewish majority state. Therefore, it was imperative for Israel to cleanse the state from non-Jews to create and maintain its demographic majority. The Palestinian refugee problem was the outcome of this philosophy. Ironically, there is nothing Jewish about this philosophy. Judaism is innocent of Israel’s actions, but somehow Israel hijacked Judaism and often speaks in its name. In fact, Israel has done a brilliant PR job of blurring the line between Zionism and Judaism. This is done for the purpose of branding any legitimate criticism of its policies with the anti-Semitism label.

So if Israel is founded on an apartheid-like ideology and fundamentally un-American, why does the US continue to support the Zionist state? That is a subject for another time.

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